The BEST guitar gifts for a food loving guitarist!

Getting gifts for guitar players is not a simple task, so we've gone as specific as possible!

As you probably noticed, we try to be as accurate as we can when it comes to making guitarists happier.

Here are some of the best guitar gifts found online that combines two amazing worlds into one - Guitar and Cooking!

gifts for guitar players

Spatula & Tongs with Wooden Handle

Imagine this: Sunday afternoon, a nice chunk of ribs, beers, Motorhead in the background...  Ah! Feels good! Now let's flip those ribs as Rockstars do!

Guitar Shaped Cutting Board

This might be the most useful gift on this list, and a beautiful addition to your Rock n Roll kitchen.


guitar gifts, cool guitar gifts, guitar player gifts

Guitar Shaped Salt & Pepper

Usually, these items are UGLY! This one though is really cool, because of the fact that it's transparent and every spice you put inside changes the color of the item (and makes it look like different models of guitars!



ÔĽŅgifts for guitar players

Beautiful Fender Blueprints Coasters!

This is a really unique one not only because most of the coasters out there are so ugly… it features a unique old Fender blueprint design that every guitarist will love!

guitar gifts, gifts for guitar players

That's all for now fellas! If there is anything that wasn't covered on this subject or you feel could be added, please write your ideas in the comment section.

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