10 Funny Guitar T Shirts! (2020)

As we already know, getting gifts for guitar players can be tricky.

The guitar world is filled with numerous types of guitars, accessories, effects, and whatnot.

Choosing this kind of gift for someone else can be hard and sometimes even a waste of money!

This is why we gathered all of the BEST funny guitar t-shirts in one place, no way you can screw up with this type of gift!

funny guitar t shirts

Let's begin!

1. "World's Okayest Guitar Player" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This one might be our favorite! Well... you might not be the BEST one but being the OKAYEST one is definitely a good spot in the middle! Very funny gag but only for people who can take some self-humor.



2. "Without Guitar Life Would Bb" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This one is a clever musician joke. In music, the note "B flat" is written like this - "Bb" therefore, the writing says "Without guitar, life would be flat"


3. "Not You Backliner" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This is yet another funny musician's gag! We travel a lot, many venues, countless stages and a TONE of equipment! That shirt will remind everyone that a guitar player has many things to worry about and could not be distracted!


4. "Warning! May Start Talking About Guitars!" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This is a really fun one for us, guitar nerds, out there! The ones who can't seem to shut up when the 6-stringed topic is up!


5. "Love One Woman and Several Guitars" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This shirt can be a really funny gag, especially if you get it from your girl who lets you be and love others as long as they have 6 strings!


6. "Stolen Air Guitar" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

OK, for the ones who don't get it... Air guitar is actually a thing, yes, it is weird, we agree. But who's to say that these instruments worthless?? Just because they are imaginable?? Pff... Guys watch your air guitars so you won't need this tee!


7. Guitar-Drunk | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This shirt was made especially for those who devote their life to two basic and important things - Guitar & Beers! Cheers!! and Rock On!


8. "You Can't Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy More Guitars" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

Many things can make us guitarists happy but none of them compares to the spiritual, existential, ultra-cosmic, Exo-physical experience of buying a new guitar! So.. This shirt will be a little compensation for the lack of cash you have right now to buy a new guitar.


9. The Classic "Eat, Sleep, Play Guitar, Repeat" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

This shirt will break down the process of practicing in such a way that even the dumbest-prettiest guitarist out their will understand!


10. "I Like My Guitar And Like 3 People" | Funny Guitar T-Shirt

For our beloved introverts out there we present this design! It will save you a lot of explaining and worthless conversations!