The Db Major Scale COMPLETE Map!

Db major scale complete musical map


 Other Major Scales:

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On this page, you’ll find a FULL map of the Db Major scale.

All of the theoretical information, the scale formula, the chords, harmonic function, chord progressions, and even song examples!

The article is divided into two sections:

  1. Theoretical information

  2. Guitar positions and exercises

  • If you feel like you need to learn this subject more thoroughly, be sure to check “The Major Scale Explained” article, where we explain all of these concepts in depth!

Let’s Begin!

The Db Major Scale

The Notes of the Db Major Scale

Db major scale notes

🤔 Why are these boxes painted in different colors you ask?? It relates to their harmonic function, just read along...

The Db Major Scale Formula

This formula is the formula of every major scale, not just the Db major scale! This is a certain pattern that colors what we hear in a specific tone and when copying this pattern to another root we get another major scale.

the C major scale formula

Notice that the semitones of the Db Major Scale are located between C-Db and F-Gb.

The Db Major Scale Ascending and Descending 

Db major ascending and descending

Key Signature of the Db Major Scale

The key signature of the Db major scale contains 5 accidentals! The B, E, A, D, and G notes are all lowered by a semitone. 

The mark of any key signature will be presented at the beginning of the musical piece like that:

Db major scale key signature

If key signatures confuse you, check the "Accidentals" article, there you'll find the easiest way to memorize ALL of the key signatures in just a few minutes!


chords of c major scale

The Db major scale diatonic chord

Here you can see the triad version and the seventh chord version for each degree of the scale.

Triads of Db major scale

Triads of Db major scale

Seventh chords of Db major scale

7th chords of Db major scale

The Db Major scale roman numerals

The roman numerals system is a technique that doesn't use the actual notes of each scale, instead, it uses a degree that symbolizes every note of the scale

This formula is a lot easier to operate in your head while playing, instead of thinking about notes, you're thinking in "templates". Because this is a note-less system, it fits as it is to every major scale!

roman numerals of c major scale

The avoid notes and available tensions of the Db major scale (“Jazz Chords”)

For more information about avoid notes check the "Avoid Notes" article!

Db major scale avoid notes and available tensions

Modes of the Db major scale

Each degree of the Db major scale has its mode. A mode is created by playing the notes of the Db major scale starting from different steps of the scale.

For example, when we will play the Db major scale notes starting from Eb, we will get the Eb Dorian mode.

Db major scale modes names

The Db Major scale Frequency Chart

For those of you who mix, this piece of information can be really useful! If you have an untreated room with some harsh frequencies popping out or when you hear a certain note that is in a higher volume than others for example.

Db major scale frequency chart

The Db major scale Harmony

Db Major scale harmonic function

Now we can finally understand the meaning of the colors in every graphic in this article. This map will tell you the exact harmonic function of every chord in the Db major scale.

* If you want to really understand this subject, be sure to check our “Harmonic Function” article!

Harmonic function in the major scale

Harmonic function in the major scale

The relative minor of the Db major scale

Every major scale has a relative minor scale that uses the exact same notes, the only difference between these scales is their starting point.

Bb Minor Scale

Db relative minor

Common Chord Progressions of the Db major scale

Roman Numerals


Seventh Chords

I-V-VI-IV-I Db-Ab-Bbm-Gb-Db Dbmaj7-Ab7-Bbm7-Gbmaj7-Dbmaj7

 Songs in Db major scale

A good and most importantly, fun way of practicing the Db major scale is by learning a few good songs in that key, here are a few honorable mentions:

"Sweet Child Of Mine" by Guns N' Roses

"I Just Called To Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder

"Chandelier" by Sia

"All Apologies" by Nirvana

The Db Major scale on the Guitar

In this section, we are going to put everything we've just learned into practice!

We'll start with mapping the guitar with scale positions and then travel through it with different sets of chord positions.

Db Major Scale Exercises

Db Major Scale Fretboard Map

Db major guitar fretboard map


We break the Db major scale into 7 different positions and practice over each one separately. Each position starts from another step of the scale and consists of notes taken only from the Db major scale.

These positions are actually the modes of the Db major scale!

CLICK HERE → 7 Modes Positions in Db Major Scale PDF


Triads of the Db major scale

in this PDF file, you will find all the basic forms of the Db major scale triads. Triads are chord consist of only 3 notes, these notes might repeat themselves inside the position.

CLICK HERE → Triads in Db Major Scale PDF

Seventh chords of the Db major scale

On this PDF, you'll find the seventh chord positions of the Db major scale. Seventh chords consist of 4 notes, all of the notes derived only from the Db major scale.

CLICK HERE → Seventh Chords in Db Major Scale PDF

Okay fellas, this is all for now!

If you wish to be an educated and professional musician, be sure to check our variety of music theory and guitar lessons!

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