About Us

Guitar Fire 🔥 is both an online music store and a music channel that was founded in 2019 by Gon Zadok. The company operates from Berlin, Germany and it is also the official partner of Coils Boutique Pickups.

Our Goal as a music channel is to help young and unfamiliar artists get more audience by sharing their content on our ever growing channels (for free of course).

We operate in multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Pinterest.

YouTube - Learn guitar on our YouTube channel! More videos are coming up every week!

Instagram - where you can find the hottest guitar content at the moment and most importantly - you can tag us in your guitar videos (@guitar.fire) on Instagram for a guaranteed story feature on our channel!

 Spotify - where you can find multiple playlists with hours of great music for any time or event so go on Spotify and follow your favourite ones!

* support us by following your favourites so that we can start operating from Spotify as well and keep on promoting young artists!

🏠 Our Store - in our store you’ll find the best, all original/our take off on well known jokes (we got an in-house designer), Guitar & Bass related clothing line! funny t-shirts, guitar player t shirts, bass player t shirts, designer pieces, musician memes and plenty more! 

It’s a great gift for your guitarists (or bassist of course) friends and a great gag at any musical event. 

☝️Most importantly - We didn’t save a penny when it comes to quality! We bring you the best fabric & stitching alongside the latest printing technology to ensure that you’ll get a great deal and will happily come back, support us and enjoy our products and services!

Here, at Guitar Fire, we are working very hard in order to provide our customers the absolute best quality items. We are extremely motivated and devoted to this goal because we truly believe that great customer service is the key to maintaining a successful business, so PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond and treat any problem with utmost attention, as fast as we possibly can.

About Gon Zadok🙋🏻‍♂️🎸

Gon Zadok is a Guitarists, Bassist, Mixing Artist and a Session Player from Tel Aviv, Israel. Gon had worked for a decade alongside top level artists from Israel performing in countless events and musical venues. After years in the business he joined Alone Sage and Ronen Levy and together they form the Coils Boutique Pickups team. Gon currently resides in Berlin, Germany from there he operates as Marketing Manager for Coils Boutique and as the CEO of Guitar Fire Store.