Terms and Conditions: Online Guitar Lessons

Terms and Conditions: Online Guitar Lessons

  1. The client (that’s you!) engages the services of Guitar Fire for an online music lesson by Skype or Zoom. 
  1. The music lesson service may be provided by Gon Zadok or by another teacher instructed by him.
  1. The Online Guitar Lesson is suitable for beginners as well as advanced players, but there can be topics that we may not be able to answer or explain immediately. Remember, each music teacher has his own set of musical tools, skills, and experiences, some may be great for one student and worse for another.
  1. The fee for an Online Guitar Lesson is 50 USD per hour, with a minimum purchase of one hour, paid in advance.
  1. A minimum of 15 minutes will be used for each task the teacher needs to do after the lesson (like sending PDF files, video examples, etc). If a client's balance falls below 15 minutes, we will send a payment link to buy another hour before the service can be used again.


  1. The fee is non-refundable. However, if clients have more than 15 minutes of time left over, they can allocate this value to other Guitar Fire online lesson.
  1. Guitar Fire services are performed at a convenient time for the teacher. If the client requires the lesson to be performed at an unusual time, this will be agreed upon in advance.
  1. Gon Zadok will do his best to accommodate urgent requests but cannot guarantee round the clock or immediate availability. Lessons will generally take place within business hours.
  1. Cancellation/rescheduling: If a client has to cancel or reschedule a session booked, they should do so at least 2 business days in advance to avoid forfeiting the entire fee paid for the session booked. 

The long version: When you book an Online Guitar Lesson, your teacher sets this time aside. This means they can’t take on any other work during the allotted time. If you don't show up, your teacher still needs to be paid. For this reason, we have a strict cancellation policy for Online Guitar Lessons. You can reschedule up to two business days in advance and keep your credit, but if you simply don't show up, you'll forfeit your credit for the session that you booked.

  1. If the client schedules an Online Guitar Lesson with a music teacher but cannot be reached at the agreed time, the teacher will keep him/herself available by Skype/Zoom for 30 minutes. If the client does not make contact within this time, they forfeit the Online Guitar Lesson fee paid for the entire duration of the appointment. 

The long version: Sometimes things go wrong or internet connections fail. Rest assured that if we can't reach you online, we will contact you by phone/email (if provided by you). Either way, we'll be sure to stay available for you, both online and via phone (on +49 15213595677), for 30 minutes after the start time of our scheduled session.

  1. Guitar Fire only offers online music lesson services. Guitar fire does not provide any certification upon completing a course.
  1. Video lesson in which a Guitar Fire music teacher is present must not be recorded by the client for any purpose without Gon Zadok’s express consent.
  1. Video lesson in which a Guitar Fire music teacher is present may be recorded by Gon Zadok for service improvement purposes. These video materials may be used in Guitar Fire content, only with the client’s written consent.